Diamond Villa

The villas of this collections are the largest, with a total surface of 430 SQM on three floors. Each of them is accessible by both staircase and private elevator.

The ground floor features a large hallway with a dining area overlooking the garden, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen, an office space, a laundry room and guest bathroom.

The floor above features three bedrooms with private bathroom in each of them. The attic floor act as a separate complete apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, a dining and living room.


The villas of this collection are sized around 320 SQM on three floors and features many of the same amenities of the Diamond collection. Designed for couples and small families.


This collection features a three-floor design, ground floor, first floor, and an attic. The ground floor boasts a reception hall, dining room, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry room, a guest bathroom and it is possible to add an outdoor kitchen facing the garden on request. The first floor has two bedrooms with private bathrooms.


This collection, of villas is located on the left from the main entrance. They are sized around 320 square meters in size and features a three-floor design, a ground floor, first floor, and an attic.


All villas have spacious gardens for private use, with parking spaces; each of them are completely enclosed and totally independent, even from a plant standpoint in order to ensure tenants’ privacy.


Why Santa Maria Bay is the first choice for you

  • Prime location – unique and unrepeatable position on the black sea shore.
  • 3 minutes distance from one of the main boulevards that connects the complex with important services and points of interest in everyday life.
  • The villas’ positions ensure an optimal visibility and exposure towards the sea.
  • Health benefit & wellness. The perfect place where you can relax and enjoy sports activities: walking, jogging, biking – activities that improve lifestyle and quality of life.
  • The development and affiliation of an exclusive community.
  • Beach at your disposal.
  • The perfect infrastructure where you can immediately enjoy your property.
  • Existence and functionality of utilities, all connections are underground and according to european standards: gas, electricity, water, internet / tv.
  • Visual uniformity of the complex – timeless architecture design of the villas.
  • Guaranteed context- integrally built complex.
  • Responsible construction – know-how italian.
  • Secure investment.
  • Excellent division of the interior spaces – optimum functionality – room heights – intimacy for all family members.
  • The properties have passed the test of time for the detection of any construction defects.
  • The possibility of purchase in installments without involvement of banks.